Bitcoin has broken every protocol, projection and still gonna be breaking new price capitalization prediction.

As of the time of checking the price of bitcoin on Answers website platform(November 21, 2017) , 1 bitcoin(btc) = $8,262.41

You may not easily relate with this news, but I will try to let you understand. As at January 2017, 1btc = $897 this was just less than 11 months ago. That is more than 1000% increase in the value of bitcoin price.

You may be wondering, what are the factors that has made bitcoin to rise like this, but one of the major factor is that more investors, buyers, believe in bitcoin cryptocurrency so they are buying more bitcoin thereby making the value of bitcoin to keep rising. You can view this topic on various factors that makes bitcoin rise and fall.

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You can click on this link, to see my various post about bitcoin in the year 2017 so as to see how bitcoin has been climbing new price. In Naira, 1 bitcoin that was worth less 400,000 naira is now more than 2.3 million naira, same bitcoin o.

See the picture below of 1 btc as of november 21, 2017 gmt+1

how much is the price of one 1 bitcoin btc by november 2017 8237 dollars is one bitcoin price

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