In the last 2 – 3 years, there has been rapid increase in the population of those that are into the business of blogging or creating content online probably due to one or two success story of other bloggers and also because blogging business is very easy to setup and everybody loves something very easy to do.

Everyday, most youths are trying their hands on opening a blog and after few months, they dump it and move on because they ain’t making any waves on the blog something. Blogging is a real business. The below content highlights various reasons people ain’t making any money from blogging. Enjoy it.

1. Copy and Paste

What most bloggers know best to do is to come online, look for topics from other sources to copy then paste on their blog. Yes, we can’t all do without copying, but when all your blog content is about copy and paste, then you may not make it via blogging.


2. No Authority

Are you authority in anything? Look at linda ikeji for example, she is one of the biggest blogger from Nigeria. Linda is authority when it comes to news and stories regarding top nigerian celebrities and she is also like a brand because she has been in the blogging game for several years before blogging even became popular. Top companies wants to use linda ikeji to get their products to linda ikeji blog visitors. Are you getting something?

3. No unique value

It all about value addition. What value are you adding to your existing or potential readers? You think everybody just want to come to your website because they want to come? You should have some kind of value you are creating or adding to your visitors. It could be music, news, politics, healthy living, religion based values or contents. When you do ‘anything goes’ on your blog, you may not make any serious headway.

4. No product or service

What is your product or service? Another way people ain’t making money via blogging is because they only blog news, stories, copied articles and all that, but they don’t have a product or service that they can sell via their blogging medium. For example, I remembered using the medium of my blog to sell a school scratch checker, you are laughing right? When you got service or product, you may not depend on the clicks coming from google adsense to make some money on your blog.

5. No real identity

Some are finding it difficult to make success via blogging because they have fake personality. They believe anything online is about being anonymous and not known, but the fact is that people love to do business with somebody real, that have some kind of real identity. Blogging is a real business and those that wants to be part of it must be real too.

I will like to stop here, but the comment section is always open for comments, reactions, and suggestions.