Bitcoin price stabilized in the first few days(1 – 7 days) of January 2018, but as the rumor, accusations and counter accusations ranging from virus attack, government banning exchange platforms and so on rises, those that hold some bitcoin panicked and sold out their bitcoin to gain back their normal fiat currency.

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Now, the latest is that 1 Bitcoin price would soon hit $9000+ dollars and it may likely keep falling as more bad news and uncertainty hits the digital currency. Whenever bitcoin sneezes, every other coins catches cold. If there is massive rise in bitcoin price, there will also be corresponding rise in other alternate coins.

Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee held an interview recently, and talked about how people are taking advantage of the crypto currency market, the scams from the ICO, status of litecoin cryptocurrency, and many more, click here to read the interview.

As the day goes by, the hype around digital money, currency, seems to keep falling and people seems to be getting how the technology basically works. When it was earlier adopted, there was all kinds of hype. Anybody now can just pick some codes, and apply the blockchain principle and name it a new coin eg bolu coin, or fresh coin and all that.

We do hope that bitcoin price will rise against the speculation just like how it as always done.