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– Creativity is not only about writing good literature or being a good painter or artist

– Creativity means getting things done in a better way or simply put as “improvement”.

In the world of competition and unsatisfied customers, as a business owner or service provider, you got to be very creative to make customers happy and make good sales. The below highlights 7 components creative selling. Its an excerpts from one of the book of successful business author, Brian Tracy (The Psychology of Selling). Enjoy it!!

1. Prospecting

It can also be described as searching for customers. It is the first stage in the sales process, it consists of identifying potential customers, then converting those potential customers to your latest customers by systematically communicating your business to them. For the sake of this writeup, lets take shoe wears as example, you could use any example as the case may be for you.

2. Building Rapport

After searching for customers directly or via research (indirectly), you need to build communication so as to receive a feedback about what the customers really want or like to get.

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3. Identifying needs

When you build communication, you will receive feedback from customers in which you can then work on to highlights the various needs of customers to find solutions to. You need to research why people would wear shoes, for protection, fashion, luxury, etc

4. Presenting solutions

You will then proffer solutions to your various identified needs. Get the shoes to the market where customers would easily get them.

5. Answering Objections

There will be questions regarding your product and services, which you must be prepared to give suitable answers to. You must provide answers to questions like does it last long, how quality is the shoes, etc

6. Making the sales

Start making the sales, no more long stories, simply sell and close business sales.

7. Getting re-sales and referrals

With a good sales and satisfied customers, you will get more newer sales and introduced to other new customers by your existing customers.


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