how to control type,click,copy,paste on your android device,phones using your computer

Vysor App

In the world of technology, nothing is impossible. It is just a matter of time.

I know many people would be skeptical and think I am simply lying about this idea, but trust me, I have tested it and it worked for me. I was able to click, type text, copy and paste and do many other thing on my android mobile device right from my laptop computer.

I was actually looking for an app to simply record or demonstrate activities on my android device but I got an app called “Vysor” that gave me more than just record the screen. With Vysor app, you can click, write text, copy and paste, and do many other controls on your android device from your computer.

This feature is super important for those that love to write many stuffs from computer onto phone, showcase activities from the mobile device and quickly post on the computer, upload on youtube channel, like bloggers, and other web content creators.

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How to make the Vysor app work for you

1. Enable “USB Debugging” mode on your android device or phone.

2. Install the Vysor android app on your android phone and also install the software to your computer

3. Connect the computer with the android device using USB cable.

How to get the Vysor app to make you control your android device from your computer

You want to get started? Simply navigate to Vysor website, download the software and app for your computer be it windows, Mac, Linux and also the vysor android app that you will install on your phone to make it communicate with your computer.

To download app that record your android screen, type text, copy and paste, click and much more from your computer, simply visit Vysor Website,


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