how to hide private photos on google photos application software

By default, any image is not known or understood by search engine like google, bing, yahoo and so on. For example, the image above is just any image, but without some naming underneath the image, search engine does not understand what this image is all about.

This tip I will be showing below is part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips which makes your web content understandable by search engine crawlers whenever it crawls your webpage. This tip is important for bloggers, and web content creators for web users to easily find your content via google, bing, yahoo and other search engine platforms.

Two things is important when putting image to your post but one is even more important which is what I call, “Alt Text” or called “Alternative Text”. The second thing is the name of the image itself. For example, an image could be of a sexy girl, but when given a different name and “Alt Text” is given to it, it becomes another thing to search engine.

If you use popular cms like wordpress or blogger, there are provisions to easily input the alt text of an image, which is very important for the image whenever its displays on a web page. The name of the image could be anything, but make sure to input what is related to the image in the “alt text” section as this makes your content understandable by search engines crawlers.


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