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what is creativity,how to become a creative person,human being,somebody,components of creativity brian tracy 2

7 components of creative selling by Brian Tracy, No 3 is important

- Creativity is not only about writing good literature or being a good painter or artist - Creativity means getting things done in a bette...

how to get jobs in nigeria labour market,be at advantage on the nigeria labor market

10 tips to take note about getting a job, No 3 is easily misunderstood

FACT 1 *1. Waiting to be done with NYSC before you begin to seriously apply for a job is one of the greatest mistakes you ever want to make.* ...

law of supply and demand,equilibrum,micro economics,macro economics,basic economics

What is the Law of supply and Demand?

Law of Demand and Supply is one important law in economics. We shall first define what demand and supply means then we dive into the laws of ...

mike adenuga son paddy adenuga shares how he battled to acquire chevron netherland oil and gas holding

Mike Adenuga son, Paddy shares how he battled to acquire Chevron Netherland

It was October 2013, two years had passed since I had left the family business in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to London, England to start my own...

various computer devices,laptop,desktop,palmtop,phone device that makes life easy

What is a computer?

Computer is any device that makes a process easier and more effective. When you hear the word computer, what do you first think about? ...


5 reasons many bloggers or web content creator ain’t making it

In the last 2 - 3 years, there has been rapid increase in the population of those that are into the business of blogging or creating content ...

skrill payment processor alternative to paypal to receive funds,send funds to all countries, nigeria,africa,kenya

Appeal to Skrill: It is taking too long before processed transactions reflect on bank accounts

A lot of Skrill payment solution customers are complaining about the very long time it takes before processed transactions takes before its r...

what is pumping and dumping in trading of stocks,forex,alt coins,bitcoin trading exchange like binance,bittrex,poloniex

What is Pumping and Dumping in stock and crypto trading, and how you can lose or gain from it

Like penny stocks traded on the NYSE or those on pink sheets, cryptocurrency is a prime target for pump and dump scams. For those with buying...


Do you notice Remitano seems to be running out of bitcoin business?

Remitano is a  platform where you can easily and securely buy bitcoin, and other digital currency like USDT(ether) and ETH(Ethereum). The RE...