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MMM Nigeria is still paying participants, details here (29th April, 2017)

Since last year (2016) december that MMM Nigeria was not functioning till early january 2017 that they promised to come back and could not co...

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In the midst of imbalance and delay, how does GetHelpWorldwide GHW admins benefit from the GHW system

In the midst of imbalance, delays, update from the admins behind GetHelpWorldwide GHW donation platform, how do they make money from the GHW ...

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Why have I not being asked to pay out 90% of my Provide Help though 30 days is fast approaching

As reported by the admin of GetHelpWorldwide GHW xclusive with username: "kylie", the reason why some participants are yet to be matched to p...

what is coinbase coinbase website portal url platform bitcoin btc wallet handler sell buy bitcoin btc via coinbase

What is Coinbase(BlockChain Alternative): Platform to manage bitcoin wallet, create wallet address, buy and sell bitcoin and much more

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. Our mission is to create an open fin...

gethelpworldwide ghw evidence of being matched for payment 1000 naira ph 10 percent to get this on 11 april 2017

What I did that make GetHelpWorldwide GHW matched me to receive payment on 11th April 2017

As the below picture suggest, it is the matching notification to receive payment on the GetHelpWorldwide GHW xclusive portal/website. ...

btc-ngn dollar to naira ngn per dollar in bitcoin for dollar to naira exchange rate payment bitcoin, luno,coindesk etal

BTC-NGN: A platform to monitor bitcoin price, exchange dollar to naira at a rate better than bank rate

Have you been looking for a platform to monitor bitcoin rate in dollar, search no more. Are you also looking for platform to exchange your...

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Reason GetHelpWorldwide GHW will suspend and disable your account by monday 10th April 2017

GetHelpWorldwide GHW xclusive will roll out new policy by Monday 10th April, 2017. The policy is to ensure the smooth continuity of Get He...

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Evidence GetHelpWorldwide xclusive is matching to send and receive payment

I earlier wrote(see here) that it is taking too long before being matched to make payment but this morning, I was matched to pay somebody else th...

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GetHelpWorldwide Admins: When will participants start getting matched for PH and GH

As a participants of GetHelpWorldwide GHW myself, I am writing to express my dissatisfaction on how the GHW xclusive portal functions. I n...