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skrill payment processor alternative to paypal to receive funds,send funds to all countries, nigeria,africa,kenya

Appeal to Skrill: It is taking too long before processed transactions reflect on bank accounts

A lot of Skrill payment solution customers are complaining about the very long time it takes before processed transactions takes befo...

Alibaba-Group microsoft design deep neural network models that score than human in reading test

Deep neural network models score higher than humans in reading and comprehension test

Microsoft and Alibaba have developed deep neural network models that scored higher than humans in a Stanford University reading and c...


Bitcoin price crashes to around $12000 amid fears that china move to ban virtual currency trading

Bitcoin has once again dropped to a new low in recent times to around $12,000 amid fears of negative reports coming from various coun...

telegram mobile messaging app for android ios apple devices

Seems telegram app switches ON your camera to monitor you silently without your consent

One good competition to Whatsapp in the mobile messaging world is Telegram app. Incase you are hearing about Telegram for the first t...

what is pumping and dumping in trading of stocks,forex,alt coins,bitcoin trading exchange like binance,bittrex,poloniex

What is Pumping and Dumping in stock and crypto trading, and how you can lose or gain from it

Like penny stocks traded on the NYSE or those on pink sheets, cryptocurrency is a prime target for pump and dump scams. For those wit...

image of snt status price and it rise digital currency built on eth on btc exchanged for snt,monero,status,dash,dodgecoin,zcash,aion

6 tips on how to trade and make profit successfully on Binance coins trading platform

I will be going straight to the juice of this post, which is, How you can trade and make profit buying and selling other coins(alt co...

birthday pictures happy birthday,poem for birthday celebration of a friend,lover,

Birthday Poem, a masterpiece from Kosi Okonta for a friend

OGA WA, OGA BOLU IS PLUS ONE. Eyin temi e sun mo ibi. Come close to my home and let me play a documentary of an icon for you. Look c...

10 Mistakes Nigerian Upcoming Artistes Should Avoid — Music Career Advice

24 tips that will definitely push your life forward and make you a better person

Don't get it twisted, life is interesting and beautiful. One sure thing that will transform your life is the information you know. Th...


Do you notice Remitano seems to be running out of bitcoin business?

Remitano is a  platform where you can easily and securely buy bitcoin, and other digital currency like USDT(ether) and ETH(Ethereum)... digital currency exchange platform,crypto currency platform to exchange bitcoin for other alt coins like snt,monero

Binance exchange platform is the sure place to become a digital currency millionaire, See how

My people, knowledge is truly powerful. Somebody like me, I only thought its the top digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lite...