Privacy policy of

Privacy of every visitors to this site is very important to the management of this website.

The following outlines the various data and information exchanged as you use and visits this website.

  • Cookie policy: This website uses cookie to give visitors and users easy user experience coupled with speed and response of the various component interacted with on this website. For example, when visitors often comment with a particular username on this website, this website can autosuggest your preferred username everytime you want to comment when you are on the device you use to visit this website.
  • IP: To locate spams, genuine post, attack, every visitors IP is logged on this website, so as to protect this website from intruders. For example, if a particular IP say visit this website, auto generating unrelated comment, IP identity is one way to stop the activities of this IP address.

Note: @NaijaTech, we do not give or sell the private data like username, email, ip to any thirdparty to gain revenue.