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Oraimo Bass Obs-72d Soundflow Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 360



Oraimo SoundFlow Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 360 Thumping Bass OBS-72D


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As we all know, the sound effects of cylindrical speakers are difficult to process. The SoundFlow OBS-72D speaker is located at the base of the device, different from a typical speaker, which faces the listener directly. These differences are a challenge for Oraimo to find a way so that users can have the best listening experience despite the differences as mentioned earlier.
“I think we were quite successful in turning this challenge into an advantage. We tried to think outside the box and managed to make the speakers located at the base of the device still have immersive sound quality. Sound quality will be maintained because when this product was still in the conceptual design stage, we immediately invited the best audio processing chip companies to work together to improve the audio quality of this product,” said Tracy Qi, Country Manager of Oraimo Indonesia.

Many things were taken into consideration in the development of SoundFlow OBS-72D, one of which is how the sound quality of the speakers when played in various situations and different environments. It took more than a year of adjustment to achieve the ideal effect it is today.
“The OBS-72D SoundFlow is our milestone. This product has excellent sound quality. In addition, these speakers can reflect the user’s attitude towards music and life,” continued Tracy.
The SoundFlow OBS-72D can emit RGB colorful lights in sync with the rhythm of the music. 360-degree immersive sound performance easily creates the atmosphere the user wants. Whether it’s when you’re relaxing together, or chatting over coffee with a close friend, or a birthday party. SoundFlow OBS-72D will be your closest music companion equipped with a built-in 6000mAh battery that can be played for up to 6 hours.
Tracy believes in the Oraimo audio category. “We are bringing more high-quality audio products in Indonesia. Indonesians love music and are always enthusiastic about music. Oraimo is the best choice for them. Oraimo will become a distinctive audio brand in the market,” concluded Tracy.
Product highlight:
360 Degree Colorful LED Light
HiFi sound quality
Beautiful design
Can be connected with TWS
Anti-slip silicone
base Reacting LED light light adapts to music


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